This post is from Pastors from Tennessee Children on Facebook:

We’ve been walking the halls of the Tennessee General Assembly, asking our legislators to vote “no” on vouchers! We think these sweet cookies from a statewide, grassroots coalition of public education advocates (baked by a public school mom) might be just the thing to sway some votes. 🙂

We have learned that a vast majority
of Tennessee legislators
– Republicans & Democrats alike –
oppose vouchers.

We have learned that a vast majority of Tennessee legislators- Republicans and Democrats alike- oppose vouchers. Please call your representatives today to ask them to stand firm in their votes and do the right thing for our students!

(Big thanks to lay minister Brad Fiscus (in the photo below), Rev. David Kidd, Rev. Ellen DiGiosia, and Pastor Terry Ladd for their tireless work these last two weeks. And thank you to newly-elected Rep. Bob Freeman for being a good sport for our photo!)

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